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With over 44 years of experience in connecting the world’s most successful brands with their customers, Teleperformance has become a trusted provider of Digitally Integrated Business Services.

Our Multilingual CX Hub in Greece is Changing the Way Companies Serve Customers

Teleperformance Greece offers the most comprehensive solution set and innovative shoring options to ensure the resilience, agility, and flexibility necessary for sustaining market relevance and driving long-term success.​

Our Awards

Teleperformance Greece has been awarded multiple times
since the start of it's multilingual operations

Our Solutions

Our solutions will help your company to improve your customer relationships and generate more business.

We deliver immediate, measurable results, based on the highest industry standards. 

Advanced business solutions for the digital era

Assembling world-class teams is our expertise

Services to support your entire business

Global reach with local expertise

Content Moderation and Moderation E-Commerce and Payment/Fraud Solutions Ad Monetization & Moderation Identity and Account Authentication Policy Insights

AI-Based Chatbot solutions Automatic Data Categorization & Data Labeling Artificial Intelligence Supported Translation Solution

Operational Processes based on the highest level industry standards and tools. CRM and Data Management Workflow and Task Management Knowledge Base Management

TAP | Technology, Analytics and Process Teleperformance's digital transformation consultancy service

Our Delivery Models 

Client Stories

One Supplier, One Location: Multilingual Customer Support in Greece

To unify customer experience approach and improve the satisfaction of its business and end-customers across Europe, the Multinational corporation specializing in optical, imaging, and industrial products (The Client) was looking for a partner, that would offer everything in one place. Teleperformance built a comprehensive multilingual solution in one of its hubs in Greece, delivering control and consistency in 24 countries served.  


Centralized approach with innovative solutions offered by Teleperformance helped the Client to increase Customers’ Satisfaction and Issue Resolution as well as reduce the number of engineers’ on-site visits, to all countries supported through a more question-based call entry approach in 18 languages. 


NPS increase in voice channel

Award-winning partnership: Partnering to create an Intelligent and Efficient B2B sales operation

  • Processes and management methodology for customized sales
  • Best-in-class tools to support contextualized sales
  • Strategic solutions to better understand customer needs
  • Highly skilled sales representatives with customer relationship experience

more orders placed per hour and per representative


increase in order rate